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Veletta skincare is a natural line, made in small batches in the South Island of New Zealand. It contains unique ingredients from the region. My favorite product in the line is the Purifying Mask. It is designed to remove impurities while brightening and exfoliating. It comes as a powder that you add water to. It then turns into a very cool mousse texture. The power ingredients are Kaolin Clay, French Pink Clay, Vitamin C, Raw Cacao powder, Matcha Powder and Neem leaf. I love that it feels like I get a deep clean without drying out my skin. So get with Veletta and take some time to pamper yourself.

Now that I have your attention. I’m talking about my favorite Floss, Crest Glide Deep Clean in Cool Mint. We’ve been told since we were children to floss every day, but most don’t. I admit it was not part of my daily routine. Then I discovered this amazing floss. It’s less like a torture string, and more like a smooth minty ribbon. If only they could make bikini waxes more enjoyable…