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your supplements. Most vitamin supplements contain fillers and other things you do not need. That’s why The Patch Brand puts high quality nutrient blends on to a skin patch that gives sustained benefits throughout the day or night. My favorite in the line are the Sleep Patches. It’s a blend of Valerian Root, Passionflower, Hops, Vitamin B2, Magnesium Citrate, and Melatonin. These things work! I’ve tried many over the counter sleep solutions and had yet to find one that worked for me. This Sleep Patch helped me fall asleep faster and most importantly stay asleep. So get with The Patch Brand, and peel, stick, and repeat…

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Listen up, because for one day only – March 18th 2013It Cosmetics Hello Beautiful 5 Piece Anti-Aging Color Collection is on sale exclusively at QVC. You want this kit, here is why;

Celebration Foundation and Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush – The foundation is full coverage, hydrating, and made with tons of good for you ingredients. The brush is ultra luxe, with more than 80,000 hairs.

Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara PrimerMy fave in the kit – This is a game changing innovation. It allows you to coat the roots of your lashes.  You can achieve a tightlining effect on the lash line that adds major definition.

Hello Lashes 5 in 1 mascara– clinically proven to quadruple the volume of your lashes. Made with lash enhancing and conditioning ingredients.

Vitality Flush 4-in-1 lip and cheek Stain stick in Je Ne Sais Quoi– perfect for the look of a natural pretty flush on cheeks and lips.

So say hello it cosmetics, and good-bye to nights at home alone…

Keep your clothes beautiful with Tide’s To Go Instant Stain Remover stick. I always keep one of these in my purse. I have battled everything from Chocolate to Red Wine with it. I even use it on some of my furniture. So keep your clothes clean, before they hit the floor ;)…….

Rae cosmetics has put a serum (to plump fine lines and firm), and a concealer (to hide imperfections) in one convenient stick. It is called Bright Eyes. The concealer offers good coverage , even though the substance is very thin and blendable. Rae cosmetics are made for the active woman, so it’s strong enough to make it through your active day. So put on some Rae and then get ready to sweat….

I am a lip gloss whore and a lipstick virgin. Or I should say, I was! I stayed away from lipstick because I hated the heaviness, the stain, and the dryness. I have envied women displaying kiss me red lips, but could never find the right color, or the energy to deal with it. Until I found Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in Red Alert. This stick is not like any other I’ve tried. It feels like a gloss, smooth and creamy. It’s made with ingredients like vitamin A, C & E, anti-oxidants, and has 3 Super moisturizers – Collagen, Polypeptides & Hyaluronic Acid. This leads to soft, shiny, healthy lips. It’s also spf 20. So rock red on your lips, and leave a mark on your man…..