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with Rimmel London’s fall 2012 collection. I’m normally one to rock the natural look. But, after playing around with Rimmel’s fall collection I can’t help but get caught up in the bold glamour look. First I paint my face with Clean Finish Matte Foundation. I have oily skin, and this kept my pores small, and oil in check. Then –Glam Eyes HD Shadow. I love the English Rose pallet, you should try them all. There are instructions on the back of the package to show you where they recommend you put each color. The big pop comes from ScandalEyes Gel Eye liner. This is no joke. You get the perfect cat eye with creamy , waterproof, consistency. Pop your cheeks with Match Perfection 3 tone blush, which has smart tone technology to adapt to your skin, and it does! Lastly I can not choose my favorite Red in Kate Moss’s fall collection lasting finish intense wear lipstick. I’m leaning towards 10 , but they’re all amazing. So Fall into Rimmel, and rock out your glamour…

I am a lip gloss whore and a lipstick virgin. Or I should say, I was! I stayed away from lipstick because I hated the heaviness, the stain, and the dryness. I have envied women displaying kiss me red lips, but could never find the right color, or the energy to deal with it. Until I found Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in Red Alert. This stick is not like any other I’ve tried. It feels like a gloss, smooth and creamy. It’s made with ingredients like vitamin A, C & E, anti-oxidants, and has 3 Super moisturizers – Collagen, Polypeptides & Hyaluronic Acid. This leads to soft, shiny, healthy lips. It’s also spf 20. So rock red on your lips, and leave a mark on your man…..