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Leave it in, Macadamia Professional’s Nourishing Moisture Leave in Protein Treatment. This spray is designed to strengthen, replenish, and protect. It leaves your hair healthy, shiny, and conditioned. It also protects hair to prevent future breakage by increasing elasticity. They use a premium protein blend of soy , quinoa and potato protein, as well as African Baobab Extract. Of course there’s plenty of Macadamia, and Argan oil. So get with Macadamia to improve your hair, and therefore your life….;)

when you cleanse. Definitions Skincare has just the product to do so. Their Deep Cleansing Scrub Refiner both exfoliates and cleans your skin. It is a gel, with soy ricebran microbeads in it. When mixed with water it gets foamy. I love this, because I find most exfoliants don’t foam and therefore don’t seem like they’re cleaning (to me anyway). It is made with essential oils, green tea extract, vanilla oil, orange & Lemon Peel, Jasmine, Eucalyptus and Soybean. It is recommended to use twice a week after cleansing. So go deep with Definitions and get high with…..

with Priti Nyc. Priti has many meaning in Sanskrit; pleasurable sensation,with love,out of satisfaction, affection, attraction, and happy. So it’s obvious why Priti NYC products are eco-friendly, non toxic and natural. I use their Soy Nail Polish Remover in white blossom scent. It works perfectly and smells great. It leaves hands and nails moisturized, not dry and toxic. So get Priti NYC and remove your polish safely, while you live dangerously….

And my Olive Natural Beauty Clarifying Candle in Radiant Rose . This candle looks beautiful and smells divine. Made with domestic kosher soy wax, beeswax, and all natural wood wicks.  The candle naturally purifies the surrounding air, while releasing no chemicals. So beautify and get in the mood….

but your skincare should be. I’m crazy about Pure Fiji. It’s an exotic skin care line that smells like heaven. I have been using their Coconut Body Butter, which is a unique blend of exotic nut extracts, Milk proteins, soy and passion-flower. Then spritzing on the Mango Hydrating Body Mist. This mist spreads and covers evenly.  It nourishes the skin with this soothing combination of exotic leaf extracts, coconut milk and raw honey enriched with Royal Jelly. So get some pure Fiji in your impure life…..

I’ve fallen in love with a new product line that is made for babies. It is called Original Sprout. All of their products are for Babies and up, organic, vegan ,and cruelty-free. They really go the extra mile by eliminating things like lavender, soy,  gluten, and more. My fave product in this line is the Miracle Detangler.  You can use it on wet or dry hair. Not only did it release any tangles resulting in less hair loss to my comb, it is also anti frizz and softening. Their Scrumptious Baby Cream is definitely worth giving a try too. Warning, babying yourself may attract a sugar daddy ;)……….

The best gift to give, is the one that you get back 😉 So this Valentine’s Day consider Earthly Body Massage Candles. They melt down in to a silky massage oil that is more like an amazing moisturizer versus a heavy goop. They have cute names like, “naked in the woods” and “Dreamsicle” , so they’re sure to send the right message. They are environmentally friendly, made with vitamin E, Hemp, and petroleum free. I got mine at Ricky’s NYC. So light one up and strip on down…..