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with Priti Nyc. Priti has many meaning in Sanskrit; pleasurable sensation,with love,out of satisfaction, affection, attraction, and happy. So it’s obvious why Priti NYC products are eco-friendly, non toxic and natural. I use their Soy Nail Polish Remover in white blossom scent. It works perfectly and smells great. It leaves hands and nails moisturized, not dry and toxic. So get Priti NYC and remove your polish safely, while you live dangerously….

well, most days anyway. I use Everyday Minerals base. This is my new FAVORITE mineral foundation. This company has a heart too. “Sustainability is our priority, as we are firmly committed to the goal of protecting and nurturing our natural resources.” Their products are organic, vegan, and eco-friendly. The foundations come in Semi Matte base, Matte base, It base, and Jojoba base. There is a large range of shades to choose from. So find perfection with Everyday Minerals, and do it everyday….