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sgeyes with Studio Gear’s Holiday Smokey Eye Palette. This kit is perfect for beginners to pro’s. It provides shimmery shades to create a classic smokey eye look. It outlines where to put each color for you makeup challenged out there. It also has a matching blush – so no guess-work there either. My readers get 10%off with code SGHOLIDAY  So get smokin with Studio Gear and draw someone in….

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I love this affordable Nutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. It works wonderfully, even on the smokey eye nights. It’s so silky and slimy (in a good way), I don’t understand how it’s oil free. I also don’t care! I care that it leaves very little residue on my face and  works fast. No eyelash loss, and no need to wash your face again just to remove the remover. The liquids separate in the bottle ( like an oil and water thing) so make sure you shake it before you use.