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Like my newest skincare savior does. I’ve been using Pureceuticals Solar Defense Moisture Crème. PureCeuticals is a natural, organic, results orientated, skincare line. It is made with high levels of cosmeceutical grade ingrediants. The Solar Defense is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB moisturizer with Spf 30+. It has a light tint to it, that will even your complexion, while it protects and hydrates. It is very lightweight and silicone free. It’s never okay to leave the house without suncscreen on, and this crème lets you do it with an extra boost to your glow. So get summer ready with Pureceuticals and always use protection…





PureCeuticals Pumpkin Enzyme Cleanser is an aromatic,, gentle cleanser, that removes impurities, and excess cellular build up. Most importantly, it kicks makeup’s ass! I find a lot of cleansers that are called “gentle” do nothing for removing my makeup. This one is full of; pumpkin seed oil, lactic acid, and ginger root oil. So clean up with pureceuticals and get dirty again….