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on your lips. I have been using Supergoop’s Lip Shield with SPF 30. It is made from beeswax, coconut, avocado, and grape seed oil. It protects your lips from sun damage and wind. It is designed to restore dry, dehydrated lips. It is water resistant so it lasts longer than most lip products. So protect your lips with Supergoop and keep them kissably soft…

and energizing your skin with La Rocca C-Gold Reparative Primer. This primer contains vitamin c and 24K Gold to help stimulate cell regeneration, and repair sun damage. It softens skin while reducing fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. I also love La Rocca’s Lip Shield. Prosecco is my favorite. This pretty spf 8 lip balm is multi active. It is full of good stuff like; Hyaluronic acid and Camu Camu to moisturize and nourish, while mangosteen and Brazilian Cha de Burge provide anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti -viral properties. So kiss a few frogs on your way to your prince, La Rocca’s got you covered….