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dragons-blood-elixir-WebResults with City Cosmetics Dragon’s Blood Beauty Elixir and Cleanser. It gives the results of a chemical peel, without the irritation. “Made from the bright red sap of a mysterious tree found deep in the Amazon rainforest, Dragon’s Blood is unique in that it “heals as it peels”! The reason it’s so effective is because it strips away the outer layers of your skin to give you a renewed, fresh-feeling complexion… while at the same time nourishing the inner layers with its potent blend of natural ingredients.” This combo will brighten, even out, and tone your skin. Dragon’s Blood has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. They add Bromelain from pineapple stems, to gently whisk away dead skin cells and other debris. It has caffeine to tighten and awaken the skin. Lastly a special compound called Proanthocyanidins repair and renew collagen, lifting sagging skin, and filling in lines and wrinkles, preventing the effects of aging. The cleanser removes all makeup, which is a must do for me. So take care of your skin with Dragons Blood and get deep…..results

and energizing your skin with La Rocca C-Gold Reparative Primer. This primer contains vitamin c and 24K Gold to help stimulate cell regeneration, and repair sun damage. It softens skin while reducing fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. I also love La Rocca’s Lip Shield. Prosecco is my favorite. This pretty spf 8 lip balm is multi active. It is full of good stuff like; Hyaluronic acid and Camu Camu to moisturize and nourish, while mangosteen and Brazilian Cha de Burge provide anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti -viral properties. So kiss a few frogs on your way to your prince, La Rocca’s got you covered….

With Cow Fart Juice??? really. This stuff is so cool. From the holistic company Between You and the Moon. This is a healing blend of herbs and natural anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti viral and anti fungal properties. I use it when I burn myself with my curling iron, which happens way too often. It is said to help with rashes, skin disorders and dry skin. So heal yourself organically, feel free to let someone else rub it in….