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like I do, with Kerstin Florian At Home Professional Peel. These super easy to use pads brighten and refine skins texture, while removing impurities, excess sebum and dry surface skin cells. You are left with smooth, radiant , exfoliated skin. The pads are soaked with botanicals, acids, and vitamins, that work together for real results.  So get professional results with Kerstin Florian and do it professionally….

I have a new favorite day time moisturizer. It is Kerstin Florian’s Clarifying Sorbier Creme. This is a water based moisturizer, rich in raspberry leaf extract,vitamin c and vitamin e. It is made to help refine the appearance of enlarged pores and balance your skin. What I love most is how lightweight, yet affective it is. So refine your skins and show it off….
kerstin Florian
I love when I find products that can be used in multiple ways. Right now I am constantly reaching for my Rehydrating Neroli Water by Kerstin Florian. I love to use it after I apply a face mask, and as a toner before I moisturize. It’s great for when your skin is on the dry side, and a fabulous body spray post shower. The key ingredient is the Bitter Orange blossom, which is said to; hydrate, soothe and oxygenate skin, as well as soothe anxiety and uplift the spirit. So freshen up with Neroli water, and get down……