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I’m loving Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore moisturizer. It is designed to restore the skin’s external barrier and support self repair. I found it to be majorly nourishing and hydrating. It will help to even out and improve overall radiance. It’s lightweight and fast absorbing.

I’m protecting my body at the beach with Neutrogena’s Invisible Daily Defense Lotion SPF 60+. I love the texture and smell of this sunscreen. It’s hydrating and formulated with antioxidants. It is quick drying and lightweight.

My new serum is StriVectin’s Super C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum. I love the concept of a Vitamin C and a Retinol in one product. This lightweight serum brightens and firms skin, while smoothing fine lines and improving texture. It’s not sticky at all, and absorbs fast. It is perfect for layering under a moisturizer and makeup. 

I recommend fake and bake, and when I do my favorite is the California Tan Sunless AutoBronzer. Unfortunately this machine is very hard to find. Most places use mystic tan. Here are the reason’s why I prefer the AutoBronzer. 1)it is an open air style machine. You are not enclosed in any sort of capsule, thus making it a claustrophobic free experience. 2) It has a dryer. When the spraying is done you turn around and face a 7 ft (ish) tall drying tower. It blows warm air at you, drying the solution to your body. Therefor no need for that after spray pat down, and less of the post spray tan stained clothes. 3) Great color and coverage. You choose your level 1-3 based on your height. you move around as the voice commands tell you to, and there you go, perfect coverage. It easily and naturally fades away, if only we could say the same about the cast from the Jersey shore….