hair. It is soooooo soft!! Thanks to the best products I have discovered for shine and softness, Alfaparf Milano. I am a huge fan of this line. I have never experienced such immediate results so easily. My favorite is the Semi di lino Diamante Illuminating line. I start with the Illuminating Shampoo which is gentle and ph balanced. It cleanses while adding shine. Then the Illuminating Mask, which is a microcrystalline deep conditioning mask. Those two steps alone are enough for perfect 10 hair. But why stop there, add the Cristalli Liquidi – which is an amazing oil that adds major shine and softness. Once a week I use the Illuminating Essential oil. It is a vile of linseed extract and microcrystalline treatment. It adds superior shine, softness and luminosity to dull dry hair. For special occasions i like the Illuminating Shine Lotion. It is an exclusive compination of linseed extraxt and vtamin F. This is revitalizing and adds body, elasticity and extreme shine, all while detangling and closing the cuticle for smoother hair. If you do one thing for your hair this winter, get with Alfaparf’s Illuminating line,….shine bright like a diamond…..