with Vivant Skincare. This line means serious business, with serious results. I’ve been using the Mandelic Acid 3 in 1 wash. It is for acne, hyper pigmentation, and fine lines. This foaming wash removes all makeup, dirt, and pore cloggers. I follow that up with 3% Mandelic Acid toner to target blemishes, uneven color, and wrinkles. After these two products you are squeaky clean. In the morning I use Rejuv RX peptide therapy to lift and firm, while reducing redness. At night it’s the 8% mandelic acid 3 in 1 serum for even colored, clear, and smooth complexion. Top it off with the Totaloe calming and Hydrating gel, and you are good to go. So take charge of your skin with Vivant to have it all, and them all……..