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going on. I Am Organic Naturals Sugar Scrub. This luxurious line is all natural and organic. The scrub helps in the removal of dry skin cells. This exposes fresh new cells that can easily absorb the benefits of the oils and vitamins in the product. All the scrubs are made with organic white granulated sugar and other natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. So take care of yourself with I Am Organic, and feel good….;)

With Alaska Glacial Mud co’s masque application brush. I love this thing. It makes applying your mask at home feel like you’re at the spa. While you’re at it, check out the masks the Alaska Glacial Mud co has to offer. They are made with the most mineral rich, and pure, mud in the world, and are sustainably harvested. The mud is further enriched with a combination of organic and wildcrafted botanical extracts and vitamins.  They also give 10% of our their profits to wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, sustainable community development, and environmental education.  So do good for the world, while you’re doing good for your face……