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esalona Color Kiss from eSalon. Color Kiss is like a mascara for covering your roots. It only takes a few seconds to touch up your hair, and look flawless. It is temporary, washes out in the shower. Choose from 10 shades and tones to find┬áthe perfect one. So Kiss your grays goodbye, and a hottie hello….

Skinn by Dimitri James has created a fabulous product that will be your go to for touch ups. It is called Plasma Flawless Finish. It’s a powderless touch-up skin perfector. A “lighter than air color protector” that perfects and mattyfies. Plasma Flawless Finish is made of micro bubbles of Argan, Flax, and Rose Hips oil. There is no caking at all. You just dab your skin with the included sponge to desired areas until the appearance of pores disappears, and shine is controlled. So stay flawless with Skinn, and let someone feel yours….