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because I use only the best. My post gym/morning toner is Kensington Apothecary’s Sake Skin Detox Tonic. It removes and dries out excess oil. Formulated with brown rice vinegar and chamomile hydrosol infused with mimosa bark and olive leaf extracts, to leave skin vibrant.


At night I use EmerginC Deglazing Toner. Is is an active, soothing toner that helps to rapidly improve complexion problems and breakouts associated with oily or problem skin. Formulated with clove flower oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus leaf oil and citric acid. It smells and feels like it’s definitely going to work on your skin.

So get with these toners, and keep it tight…


but my skin care is. Abbey St. Clare products rock! Right now I’m using their Aniba cleanser, tonic, and serum. I saw results instantly. My skin seemed to have calmed down and said thank you. My favorite is the tonic. It is an anti-inflammatry formula, to relieve inflammation, irritation and redness. This product is great for those with rosacea or acne. It cleans up anything your cleanser missed, and leaves behind a barrier of natural ingredients. So get with Abbey St. Clare and continue sinning…..