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texturing spray. Salt Spray is so last year. This summer get your beachy waves going with Number 4 haircare’s Sugar Texturizing Spray.  The sugar cane molecules defend against humidity while helping sculpt soft waves. The flexnet resins give glossy texture and nourishment. It’s sulfate, sodium chloride, and paraben free. You can use it on both wet and dry spray. Great for creating a style and awesome for a touch up. It provides the perfect texture for an updo. So get with Number 4, and treat your hair like number1….


How about Pre Game? if you don’t , you better! Pre Game is my new favorite texturizing spray. It is all natural, and gives you a tousled piecey look. Made with Himalayan Pink salts and Dead sea salts, plus aloe, and argan oil. So spritz on some Pre Game and look good for the dating game ;)……