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reviva labsyour skin, with Reviva labs High Potency Elastin Serum.  “Skin’s elastic fibres allow the skin to stretch and retract, helps give skin bounce, elasticity and firmness. After 25, skin begins losing its supply of Elastin, aggravated by excess sun exposure, temperature extremes, stress, tobacco, alcohol, drying winds and more.” This serum feeds skin special quality Elastin to boost skin elasticity and firmness. It can be used alone or under a night cream. So use Reviva labs to keep your skin firm, and here’s to everything else…..



VoluminousButterfly_BrandPageTout_2and my lashes too. With Loreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. I use the Blackest Black. The wand is designed to stretch and extend your lashes with its funky shape. It “extends and lifts outer corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect, instantly volumizing lashes at the roots and stretching lashes outward. The unique Cocoon Fibers instantly wrap lashes in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter.” I fount the formula to be extremely silky and easy to apply. So lift your lashes with Loreal, and your self with what ever makes you happy…