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instead of coffee I’m switching to Teami Skinny Tea. It is a unique blend of natural ingrediants, that boost your metabolism, while giving you major energy for your day. It is said to improve digestive problems while suppressing cravings. I love the Teami infuser too. It is easy to use and quick to clean. So try Teami, and get yours in the morning…..


Skinny & Co.-Extra-Virgin-Skinny-Coconut-Oil-X2igAFR9but your coconut oil should be. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that coconut oil is a health and beauty miracle. I use Skinny Coconut oil because it is 100% pure, extra virgin, and 100% raw. They use coconuts from Vietnam and their special Nutralock System which “not only locks-in these vitamins and minerals, but prevents oxidation which can occur at high temperatures and reduce coconut oil’s role as an antioxidant in the body.” Here’s a list of a few things coconut oil can do for you. – Speeds up metabolism, reduces cholesterol, boosts energy, moisturizes nails/skin/hair, clears acne, fights stretch marks, smooths wrinkles, removes makeup, strengthens nails. So get with Skinny Coconut oil, and use it in more ways than one, oh, it’s also a lubricant ;)……

In my Flying Monkey purple skinny jeans. I am in love with these jeans because they are soooooooooooo comfortable!!! They also have a super stretch that helps you look like a skinni minni.They come in lots of colors, and are around just $50. So put on some colorful skinny jeans and then take them off ;)…..

Don’t worry about your shaky hands crack head. You can still have black eye liner on the top and bottom inner parts of your lids without fail. Thanks to Tarte EmphaseEYES eyeliner pencil. It has a super skinny point that glides smoothly across your lash line. It works faster than most pencils and lasts all day. There’s no sharpening involved.  Just twist the bottom when it gets low to push more of the eyeliner up.  Feel good about buying Tarte products because they’re mostly natural, and filled with good for you stuff (minerals and things). Also, they’re packaging is super Earth friendly. We need to make up for what we’re doing to mother earth with our aerosol hairspray addiction.