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in your skincare. The latest in skincare technology is using the advantages of Oxygen. Oxygen is essential for radiant young looking skin. It assists in the production of collagen and elastin, as well as regeneration.  I have been using two different oxygen enriched products to try this out.


Dermacyte uses a unique and patented oxycyte technology (an oxygen carrier). It enhances the overall appearance and feel of your skin, leaving it smoother and healthier.  I love the consistency of this formula.
Second is Oxygen Pur skin serum. I have been using the Pomegranate variety. It combines the above listed benefits, and that of cold pressed pomegranate seed oil, to create an antioxidant packed moisturizer.

So hydrate with the power of Oxygen. and get more O…..

are two of the new colors in Youngblood’s mighty shiny lip gel line, that I am loving! These high shine, sheer color, lip gels are naturally nourishing, and made with none of the bad stuff. Powered with ; momordica grosvenori fruit extract, jajoba seed oil, meadowfoam, seed oil, and sweet almond oil , to create a non sticky moisturized feeling. Check them out when they are available June 1 2012 at So gloss up get stripped….