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rock your hairget bigger, thicker, fuller hair, with Rock Your Hair Spray it Hard Big Volume Hairspray. I love this line, and I’ve reviewed many of their products before. This hairspray is a new addition for me. It’s fast drying to lock volume in and keep humidity out. It gives a firm hold, yet your hair stays flexible and workable. There’s no flakiness or stiffness. I highly recommend this hairspray, and the bottle is super cool. So Rock your Hair, and your man,…..

Hair. Michael o’Rourke has 2 great amazing lines for your hair. First, Rock Your Hair. I’m obsessed with theĀ Miracle Leave in conditioner weightless detangler. This product adds major softness, and erases any tangles. The packaging is super fun, how can you not love it? I have been using the Michael O Rouke’s Moisture Madness Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s nourishing , strengthening, and perfect for color treated hair. So Rock your hair and your life….
Michael O ‘Rourke hair