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dyour shower routine. I do it with Darshana Beauty Natural Hair oil. This product is made with an ancient Indian Ayurvedic formula, rich in antioxidants, omega oils, and vitamins. It will moisturize, restore, condition, and smooth your hair. It can revitalize dry and damaged hair well helping to control frizz. They use no mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, silicones or artificial colors. Before shampooing apply the oil to dry hair from scalp to ends. Keep in hair for at least 30 minutes,- the longer the better. Then Shampoo and condition as usual. So get with Darshana, and enjoy your foreplay….

I’ve tried a million different body washes, and rarely notice any sort of difference. I mainly grab for a nice scent, at a good price. The first time I tried Eucerin Calming body Wash I was happily surprised. It had a nice texture, and made for a perfect bubbly cleaning with my loofah. Afterwards I definitely noticed a softness to my skin. It’s fragrance free, gentle enough to be used on children, and full of Omega oils. Now you have a great excuse for why you’re in the bath for so long 😉