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Colors has two new lines out this fall,l which you should get familiar with. The Leather Luxe Collection is a texture rich matte finish nail polish, that comes in eight shades. It’s a leather inspired look, that will definitely get a second look. Only $1.99 at Wallgreens. The other trend tis their Crystal Crushes collection. This line is a gem inspired, multifaceted look, with a 3D texture. I’ve been rocking the Ruby Mine. It’s $2.99 at Walgreens. So paint your digits with SinfulColors and put them to use….


with Model in a Bottle products. This product line rocks!! I love Model in a Bottle Make up setting Spray for any important night out. The spray leaves a matte finish and resists humidity. Your foundation and eye makeup will stay put, even through tears. It is fast drying  and adds moisture with aloe vera extract. I also love their Eyebrow Sealer. It is a clear liquid that looks natural and does not shine or flake. I recommend their Eyelash Curler too. It’s super small to fit in your purse, and is designed to be pinch free. So get with model in a bottle products, and find someone to go all night with……