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eyeliner. It is a game changer, you will thank me. This is one of my top five favorite finds for 2015. I’ve always liked the white eyeliner on the inner eye look but hesitated to try it. It seemed a little too fake or obvious. Then I found Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes inner rim brightener. It makes your eyes look immediately brighter and larger. It glides so gently, no tugging, and lasts all day. Since it’s from Tarte you can trust there are no bad for you ingredients. So go nude, everywhere….

Makeup Forever has come out with a line called HD . It was created to give the look of perfection  at all times, even under the unforgiving lights and lens of an hd camera. I am a fan of a lot of their products. One in particular I use all the time is their HD Powder. What ever mineral makeup you use, I recommend you use this as your powder to set it. I use it over both liquid and powder foundations. Not only does it set your makeup, it also controls oil and leaves a perfectly natural matte look. My favorite thing about this product is the feel of it. It’s amazingly silky and soft. So fool everyone into thinking you have perfect skin, with nothing but the radio on 😉