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pack a Stnky Bag! Stnky Bags are the best way to store your dirty laundry while traveling. They’re also great for your gym bag.  The bags are designed to lock in germs and smells from your other things. The bag itself is even washable. I used one on my last trip and now I’ll never not pack it in my luggage. They are made by an ethical, fair trade, environmentally friendly company. This is a great gift idea with holidays and ski trips around the corner. Take your Stnky everywhere!

and clean them up. I found a great money saver/vacation saver – Tide Travel Sink Packets. They offer the power of tide in small single use packets. These packs are made to be used in the sink for hand washing, therefore they are great for when you’re on vacation and laundry is not an option. I’ve been using it with items I would normally dry clean, and they work great. You get 3 to a pack, and they are small enough to fit in your pocket. So keep your clothes clean and yourself dirty….