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candles. Tis the season for visiting and gifting. If you need a holiday gift or a host gift you’re always safe when you go the candle route. I recently received a RareLumiere candle that I love. They are handcrafted and packaged beautifully. They have 55 hours of burn time and use 100% cotton wicks. The wax does not pool and has no parabens, sulfates, or phalates. Each candle is named after a famous city with a scent to match. So pick up a RareLumiere for someone you love, and one for yourself.

there’s a new line of lipsticks from sheer tints to pigment rich formulas. Sassy Lips has three collections you should get to know. Make The moment is 6 handcrafted translucent lipsticks infused with gold flakes. They somehow have a real wild chrysanthemum flower in the middle of them! They turn to different shades of glossy pink according to your body temperature. They are hydrating and soft. The Keep Em Guessing collection is four aloe vera based color changing lipsticks that last longer than a lip stain. They are like a mood ring for your lips. They will change shade depending on the ph of your lips. Lastly the Dare to Be You matte lipsticks are hydrating and beautiful with that “in” look. So pucker up for Sassy, and put your lips to work…
il_570xN.319584082Cleanser by Green Visions Spa Therapy, because your special parts should be treated with special care. Green Visions is a small company specializing in luxurious, artisan, handmade organic and natural bath & body care products. These handcrafted products are made from estate grown botanicals, and high quality essential ingredients that are safe to use on most skin types. They  are paraben, dye, petroleum, phthalates, and sulfate free. “We create all of our products at our family’s 5 acre vineyard, located in the rolling hills of Vacaville, CA, just 30 minutes from the Napa Valley.” The Intimate cleanser leaves you refreshed and clean. It is infused with naturally deodorizing essential oils of organic lemon, peppermint , and neem. I also love Greenvisions Cabernet Shower Gel and their Handmade Wine Spa Essentials Whipped Body Cream. So get with Greenvisions and enjoy your vino in more ways than one…..


mama_voluptuous_breast_oil_largewell there’s an oil to help. Mama’s Voluptuous Breast Oil from Aloha Sun Botanicals.  This oil is designed to improve skin texture by plumping up breast tissue, and helping to balance hormones. It does this while stimulating blood circulation. It can also be used to help stimulate milk production in nursing mothers.  This will not increase your boob size, sorry. It will however give a “plump” effect.  Aloha Sun Botanical oils are selected both for medicinal and luxurious properties. Each product in the Therapeutic Line contains special blends of pure essential oils designed to work with different emotional states and skin conditions. The “Mama’s Line is specially made for that special time in a mother’s life before and just after pregnancy.”Aloha SUN BOTANICALS is located on the slopes of Haleakala in Kula, Maui, Hawaii. They incorporate traditional Hawaiian ingredients and are handcrafted in small batches.  So pump up those puppies with Aloha, and let someone else measure….

with Simply Divine Botanicals. The company that merges Science with Energy & Love. I am in love with this line. It was created by a Master Herbalist and Natural Healer Barbara Rogers. She created these handcrafted, Reiki energized products, which are free of synthetic additives and chemicals. I will highlight a few of my favorites,  but I strongly suggest you check out the website and view all the many options. My faves are;

Black Velvet- a foaming face wash that removes all dirt and makeup, while minimizing pores. Leaves your skin feeling like “velvet”.
Gypsy Rose Tea – a toner that is a tea blend infused for six weeks.
Pack Your Bags -They’re Leaving- an eye gel that sells amazing. Reduces puffiness.
Face The Day – a firming seaweed serum. Using only the center vein of seaweed
Plump Up The Volume– hydrating face spray that activates Face the day
Feet Treat- stimulating foot and leg cream. an anti inflammatory, treat for your feet

So indulge in Simply Divine Botanicals, and let someone else help apply….