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Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish! This scrub is for the face and body. It purifies, and preps your skin for after shower moisturizer. My favorite thing is that it foams. Most exfoliaters are just scrubbers that don’t feel like they are cleaning enough. The scrubbers are fine grains of rice bran, combined with bamboo, and walnut shell powder. So clean up with Yu-Be and get dirty…



so pack smart. You know you can’t bring liquids on a plane. But what’s a girl to do about toiletries when she’s trying to just rock a carry on? Here’s one suggestion. Pack Sevansa Spa Oregon Peppermint facial Exfoliating Grains. It is a powder like substance that is activated when you add water. All Sevansa Spa products are vegan,aromatheraputic, small batch, and all natural. The scrub smells great, and helps wake you up. It rejuvinates and exfoliates with simple ingredients of;¬†White Kaolin Clay, Brown Rice Four, Oat Flour, Corn Meal, Rosemary Powder, 100% Pure Oregon Peppermint Essential Oil. So pack light and party hard….

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