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with my new flat iron. I have been using the Jose Eber Wet or Dry Styling Iron, and my hair is thanking me for it. It has ceramic titanium plates that penetrate deep. It is safe to use on wet or dry hair (though I always recommend flat ironing mostly dry hair). The specialized plates and steam outlets lock in moisture inside the cuticle for better strength and elasticity. The plates are1.5 inch to allow you to cover more hair with each pass, which allows quicker styling. So let off some steam with Jose Eber -and how ever else you like to…..

KariteSpecial-CollectionMy hair is like butter these days, because I’m using NuNaat’s Karite Special hair care with Shea Butter. This line is packed with vitamin A,D,E, and F. It protects hair from sun damage, rehydrates, restores, revitalizes dry damaged and brittle hair. It also protects from daily flat iron use. I use the whole line; Nourishing Shampoo, Reconstructive Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Mask, Leave in Detangler and Thermo Active Anti-frizz cream. The Deep Conditioning Mask is my favorite! NuNaat has many different lines so I recommend checking out their site to find the best one for your hair care needs. So revitalize your hair with NuNaat and let someone feel it…..

Giovanni cosmetics 2chic collection is my new obsession in hair care. It has a dual smoothing complex of Moroccan argan oil and Brazilian Phyto Keratin. The result is ultra chic, smooth, soft, hair. The 2chic line is made of eight products for hair and body. My favorite in the system is the Flat Iron styling mist. This stuff works! You spray it on your wet or dry hair, and your tresses are saved from the heat, and ready to be flawlessly smoothed. So be chic with Giovanni and smooth everywhere….


With Anthony’Morrison’s HYDRAsmoothAfter hair is dry, and before you hit the flat iron, apply this amazing cream. It will help achieve straight, sleek, shiny style, without experiencing breakage and damage from heat. Anthony’s HYDRAsmooth contains visible jojoba beads, that melt with your thermal iron, to enhance smoothing and moisture. HYDRAsmooth is enriched with natural Floral Hydrasols of Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, combined with plant-derived Hibiscus Protein. So protect your hair with Hydra Smooth and let it loose…..

Do not mess around with cheap, average, flat irons! They will damage your hair, along with giving you average results. For professional style with healthy benefits use the best tools. My go to flat iron is the Turboion Croc. This amazing tool not only straightens, but also seals the cuticle to prevent split ends,  reduce frizz, and retain hair’s natural moisture, oil, and color. It uses infra-red heat and negative ions, which basically means good technology stuff that makes you look hot. My iron has the “wet to dry” plates meaning you can use it on damp hair. Although it says it’s safe and good for you, I am still wary. I advise waiting for your hair to be at least 95% dry. So adorn your head with silky shiny hair, to cover up that messy, dirty mind……