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eye lash and brow growth serum should be on your radar. It is made from 100% natural organic plant based oils. So luscious not only stimulates the growth of eye lashes and brows but also regrowth of the lost hairs. So step away from the false lashes. They damage your follicles over time. Step into So Luscious chemical free enhancement, and bat away…


smashboxI have been using Smashbox Soft Lights Luminance for years. I use it as a brow highlighter, eyeshadow, eyebrow and cheekbone highlighter. It’s a silky powder that goes on smoothly, but packs quite a punch. When you really want your eyes to pop- put it under the previously mentioned ME eyeshadow. I don’t believe they sell this exact one anymore so you may want to hurry up and find it on ebay. One pot lasts about five years. If only I could say that about my relationships 😉