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Arilan Skincare was created by one of the best estheticians in L.A. All of her products are paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. I have been using the Oxygenating Mask. It is designed to hydrate and cleanse all skin types. It uses Hydrogen Peroxide to lift dirt and its chemical structure to deliver skin nourishing oxygen. “As the chemical structure of the Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) breaks down into water (H20) and oxygen (0). The water provides moisturization, while the oxygen works to enhance the breathing and metabolic process that influences the development of new skin cells.  This process helps stimulate the production of collagen, providing a more youthful and healthy appearance.” The mask also contains Hyaluronic acid to moisturize. So get with Arilan and breathe new life into your skin…

Marc Edward voted Best Esthetician in Los Angeles has come out with an innovative product line. Right now I am using; the Creamy Cleansing Treatment- I love it because it removes all my makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped, and the Environmental Repair Gel- a great moisturizer that feels light and perfect going on . I recommend getting great skin with a guy from LA, and having great times with a guy from new york….