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when you want to actually clean your strands with dry shampoo Swair haircare is there for you with their showerless shampoo. It’s designed for post workout hair. You spray it throughout your scalp, comb through, then towel dry. You’re good to go, if you want you can do a quick blowdry for a more finished look. Swair is designed to interact with your hair so “dirt and sweat can be towel dried away leaving you with hair that is actually clean”.  Dry shampoo is designed to give the look of clean hair, Swair actually does the job. 

I have a new beauty tool in my life that I am loving. It’s the Dermapore. This device is a pore extractor and serum infuser. It uses ultrasonic vibration to help lift dirt, oil, and blackheads and an angled tip to scoop debris away. I do not use the Infuse Mode but it enhances the absorption of your serums and moisturizers. I feel this tool allows me to space out my facials and create a spa cleaning at home.


or at least the residue from it. Goddess Garden Organics Erase The Day is a gentle way to remove sunscreen, makeup, and dirt from your face. It uses mineral rich french clay to “attract impurities like a magnet?. It leaves skin soft, clean, and nourished. There is a tightening effect that minimizes pores and increases firmness. Oat protein hydrates and balances skin. So erase the day with Goddess Garden, to bad it can’t erase that bad date…..;)


elure-advanced-facial-washis your face wash? Mine is, because I use Elure Advanced Face Wash. This wash lathers in a rich, creamy, foam. It removes makeup, dirt, dead skin etc. Your skin is left soft and smooth. So get with Elure and advance….