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and you’ll thank me for it. Pixi beauty’s Lip & Line Primer. This company read my mind when creating this lip priming duo. I hate the look of lip liner, I never use it. Pixi has come out with a clear liner that will keep your gloss and color in place without standing out like it’s 1992. The other end of the stick has a nude primer to create a canvas for your color. So prime your lips for some action…..

and you will too. Coy’s Kink styling product takes your curls or waves and enhances them by adding definition, smoothing fly-aways and controlling frizz. I like to apply it after using Coy’s Canvas. If you’ve tried curl products before and have been let down, I recommend you give this one a go. So put some Kink in your curl, and your life….

Go ahead leave a mark, I can cover it up. With Face Stockholm products I’m prepared. Their corrective concealers such as Neutralizer Blue, Neutralizer Red, and the Magic Wand,¬†will definitely disguise any Flaw. My favorites are the Lip Fix and Eye Fix. They are soft,creamy bases, that leave a perfect canvas for your makeup. So Fix it with Face Stockholm, and then do it again…..