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with ClarityRx Clinical Skincare. I love this innovative line. I have been using their Sleep It Off Mask this past month. I love that it is a natural retinol alternative, and I love that you actually feel it working. It is designed to be used for 21 nights straight. You apply it liberally as you would a mask. It immediately starts to transform to a nourishing moisturizer. You feel a major warming sensation for about five minutes. This Blue Green Algae Extract formula targets rough texture, dark spots, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. It contains a combination of B Vitamins, amino acids, and Ginger & Orange extracts. So wake up to smoother, clearer skin with ClarityRx, and see what else you can get done in bed…..;)


 Aubrey Organics are amazing. My favorite thing is their toner. They have a number system to direct you to the right products. Since I have Combination Oily, I use the Blue Green Algae with Grapeseed Extract Toner. This fab product does everything I expect from it; removes any leftover dirt or makeup my cleanser missed, leaves my skin feeling clean -not stripped, and it’s super affordable! So don’t strip your face, save that for your body ;)….