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Exfoliating Minerals face wash is a 100% natural way to exfoliate your skin. It is a soap-free, gel -AHA face wash. It goes on smooth and rich to leave your skin softer, cleaner, balanced, and better prepared to defend itself. Makeup is no match for this cleanser – yet it is gentle enough to use twice a day. So get with this smooth and rich cleanser, and be ready for that smooth and rich date ;)…..

Eco-friendly! with Priori products. They have come out with Coffeeberry Natureceuticals Perfecting Minerals makeup. Basically, it’s a 100% natural, perfecting, super anti aging, mineral makeup. This line protects against free radicals, and UVA / UVB rays. My favorite thing about this is their brushes. They are soft and silky, so applying your foundation feels soooo good. Perfect your skin with Priori and get friendly with someone new….

The sweat and dirt from your day, with Pattern’s Sage Body wash. This all natural body wash is ph balanced to cleanses deeply without stripping the skin of its natural oils. After cleansing, follow-up with their Sage moisturizer. What I love most about this moisturizer is it’s super softening without being greasy, AND it lasts all day and night. I love the idea of “saging” your body. Sage is known to spiritually cleanse and ward off the bad. So get dirty , and do it again…..