revival mud

acne control

impossible! Control my acne, yes please. I am doing so with Miracle Skin Transformer’s Acne Control and Miracle Revival Mud Mask. The Acne Control is a tinted moisturizer that fights breakouts. It is light weight, and has a matte finish. It is Formulated with SMARTsal10, a breakthrough,technologically advanced blemish fighting complex that combines salicylic acid with anti-microbial peptide-10 to promote a faster reduction in the appearance of acne and blemishes now and in the future.” The mask is formulated with bioactive silts sourced from European spring fed lakes. It targets age spots, fights fines lines, and stimulates collagen production. Of course it works hard to unclog pores and ridding your skin of impurities. It’s made with green tea, mushroom extracts, and Resurrecton Planteduce. So get your skin under control, while you lose it……