a note from our friends at Ellis Faas Cosmetics

ELLIS FAAS Make Up Not War 2017-2 with logo

Dear friends,
Ever since ELLIS FAAS was launched, we have regularly been campaigning for War Child, the wonderful organisation that supports children affected by armed conflict. There are currently a shocking 250 million children who have become victim from the big mess grown-ups make of this world. They need our help more than ever.
In a nutshell, these are the ingredients how we are getting in funds for War Child this summer:
– Ellis created a limited edition Hot Lip (vegan and cruelty free of course). For each lipstick sold, War Child can give a child a safe haven for three months. https://www.ellisfaas.com/makeupnotwar/the-lipstick/
– we created shirts again, this year also in cute children’s sizes.  For each shirt sold, War Child can give a child a safe haven for 1.5 months. https://www.ellisfaas.com/makeupnotwar/the-shirt/
– last Sunday we had launch parties in Amsterdam and New York, where we already collected as much as we did with the whole campaign last year! The auction alone raised more than €4.000.
– our campaign microsite is now online: makeupnotwar.org
– our campaign film has been published: vimeo.com/219492438 (or if you prefer youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppItjhA2WOk)
– our “Share a kiss” campaign has been launched: https://www.ellisfaas.com/makeupnotwar/join-us/
– via this link we are also trying to get donations that will go straight to War Child: https://www.ellisfaas.com/makeupnotwar/donate/

Your support to raise awareness for Make Up Not War is vital to turn it into this summer’s “movement”. The more money we raise, the more children War Child can help.
I think all necessary background has been included on makeupnotwar.org, but if you have any extra questions, or you want visuals, films or whatever – please let me know.
Thanks for your help and let’s Make Up Not War!