and you will thank me. This 5% L-lactic pomegranate acai peel from Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals is a game changer. It tightens skin, while providing rich hydration, and radiance. You will see a reduction in the look of; aging, fine lines, wrinkles ,dryness, puffiness and uneven skin tone. It completely combats congestion, black heads and blemishes. Use it once a week for a major impact. I also love Sircuit Skin Savior + problem skin cleanser. It thoroughly cleans skin while helping to keep it clear.I noticed a difference in my skin right away. It won’t dry out your skin, but it will completely clarify it. Lastly check out Sircuit Soliel firming mineral self bronzer for an oil free glow that moisturizes while firming. So get to know Sircuit Skin products while others get to know you….
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