Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is a company you should know about. It is a line of hand crafted, organic, Bee inspired products. You could say this company is Bee obsessed, and that’s a good thing. “Honey bees gather raw materials from nature and then blend the nectars, resins and pollens with mysterious hormonal secretions in their mouths and warm Bee bellies. They deposit and seal this magical substance into the comb to cure and alchemize it.” The results;

Honey –  a gentle anti septic and anti bacterial ingredient
Propolis-  healing
bee pollen-  simulates cell renewal
royal jelly-  catalyst for collagen production and antibiotic
beeswax-  anti inflammatory, anti allergenic ,and germicidal properties to keep skin healthy.

I am loving their Bee Magic Wand. Great for travel or to keep in you purse. It’s an all in one wand to be used as moisturizer,chapstick, or for burns/scars/cuts/etc . So get with Bee magic, and cast your spell…..

Bee magic wand