Recently I have been using the Somme Institute 5 step Regimen morning and night. It is like giving yourself a mini facial. The bottles also look so cute lined up on the counter. The genius thing about this product is the MDT5 Technology.  MDT5 is a compound of 5 highly engineered vitamins contained in each of the 5 steps (A, B3&B5,C,D, and ). This line is made for all skin types and most conditions. Here’s how it goes down;
Step 1 Nourishing Cleanser
a non foaming cleanser
Step 2 Transport (my favorite)
these are treatment pads designed to exfoliate and tone
Step 3 Serum
I love this serum, made with a super high concentration of vitamin c –  smells good too
Step 4 A-Bomb
a potent vitamin A and E moisturizer
Step 5 Double Defense
sun protection lotion with SPF 30

So get the 5 step program, and get some…….